Garabou Organic Cotton Socks

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Garabou Organic Cotton Socks
Garabou Organic Cotton Socks

These organic cotton socks are made of a yarn created through the unique Japanese spinning method named 'Garabou', resulting in a rich, hand-spun texture.

'Garabou' was invented in 1877 as a way to mechanically spin Japanese cotton with it's short fibers. The yarn is made out of raw recycled organic cotton. The unevenness and irregularity of the yarn makes the socks very comfortable to wear and adds a breathable quality to them. The yarn Yahae uses is made by the one and only spinning company in Japan which adds a unique look that cannot be achieved by modern machines.

Yahae is a small sock factory that has been based in the town of Koryo, Nara Japan since 1921. The name of “yahae” comes from their ancestors.

The town of Koryo is located in the Yamato-Basin, surrounded by rolling mountains on all sides.This area has been known for its quality textile, including Yamato-momen since around 17th centry. With such a background, the local people in the region still call ‘sock knitting’ as ‘sock weaving.’ Yahae makes socks inspired by nature and history; a pair of socks knitted with materials pleasant for our feet and comfortable for our hearts. They believe that the socks you choose in the morning set the tone in giving you a comfortable life.

95% Organic Cotton, 4% Nylon, 1% Polyurethane
Colour: Brown

Yahae does not use any chemical dyeing in their process of making the socks. This is partly due to the fact that they aim to make their socks sustainable by eliminating the dyeing process, which is said to have a large environmental impact. They use materials which are rich in colour due their nature as for example brown cotton.

S : 22.5-24.5 cm | EU 35-39
M : 25-27 cm | EU 39-44

Hand-wash or wash on a low temperature in the washing machine after you have removed the surface dirt and turned the socks inside out. Avoid direct sunlight for drying if possible. 

Garabou Organic Cotton Socks
Garabou Organic Cotton Socks