We would like to invite you to witness and if wished so participate in a playful exploration of bringing back trades as a form of energy exchange as well as a practice for the anticipation of the needs of others.

In the active anticipation of others‘ needs we become a part of a process which raises not only the value we add to others‘ existence but also the quality of our own experiences.

Next to questioning the norms of monetary exchange we would like to bring the concept of Kikubari (the previous name of our project with it's origin in the Japanese language) paying attention to others and ourselves further, through the inclusion of the well-being of the non-human. Plants, soil, waters, bacteria, insects, and animals. Therefore all selected items are in alignment with this value.

KIKU is again a Japanese word and means to listen. We believe that to listen serves as a foundation to truly understand about the others wishes, desires and needs.

If two encounter and listen to each other KIKU KIKU can be possible.