Recycled Coffee Cup To Go

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Recycled Coffee Cup To Go
Recycled Coffee Cup To Go
Recycled Coffee Cup To Go
Recycled Coffee Cup To Go

This closed-loop Coffee Cup To Go is made from recycled coffee grounds, is fully recyclable and the ideal companion for conscious Coffee To Go. Kikubari is Japanese and means «Paying attention to others», so we thought that would be a gentle reminder to show. While at the same time respecting our natural ressources and choosing a reusable cup over a one way plastic coffee cup to go.

Product designer Julian Lechner was intrigued by the idea of creating something new and lasting out of supposed waste, so he began experimenting with coffee grounds. Three years later, he had discovered the unique formula: recycled coffee grounds and renewable raw materials were transformed into the durable, robust material Kaffeeform. Which then became the Kaffeeform cup.

Coffee Grounds
Other renewable resources like wood or natural resins
Hardened with Biopolymers 

Designed in Berlin, made in Germany.


All ingredients of the cup are composed of used coffee grounds and other renewable, plant-based resources that are hardened with biopolymers. They are light but still exceptionally durable and robust. Best is to rinse it out with water after use and eventually use a soft sponge and natural soap.

Dishwasher Safe !

The Cup is made of renewable, recyclable materials only. As they have to be hardened during the process, they can't be composted anymore. The Cup can be sent back to Kaffeeform and be recycled to a new cup.

Drinking coffee out of a cup mainly made out of coffee ground is an amazing imagination. We are still happy that this closed-loop item really exists and that we are able to offer it. It is designed and produced in Germany, so delivery routes are really close and the product is truly and thoroughly sustainable. The marble surface resembles wood so the design is beautifully natural. Also, the cup smells like fresh coffee.

The Kaffeeform Cup is the first item that we offer with our name on it. Kikubari means «Paying attention to other beings», so it is not only the name of our project but also a way to live.

Recycled Coffee Cup To Go
Recycled Coffee Cup To Go
Recycled Coffee Cup To Go
Recycled Coffee Cup To Go