Takazawa Koma Candle Stand

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Takazawa Koma Candle Stand
Takazawa Koma Candle Stand

Koma Candle Stands are designed and produced to fit all ranges of the TAKAZAWA candles. The body is casted, solid Nambu iron which has over 300 years of history. The candle stand is not only durable but also stable.

Available in the medium size only for now.

Since 1892, Takazawa Candle has been making candles from the grace of plants such as the fruits of sumac tree, rice bran and as well rapeseed flower oil in harmony with nature. The flames of their candles are usually bigger and brighter than the ones we are used to. It comes from a special wick made from a unique recipe dating back to the 16th century, and it is the symbol of ancestral wisdom. At a time when there were no electric lights, light meant candles, and a lot of thought was put into making candlelight brighter. The wick of the Takazawa Candle is made from plant-based materials such as dried rush and washi-paper, thus symbolising the beautiful relationship between their ancestors and nature. Today, Takazawa Candle is the only candle maker keeps this tradition alive in Nanao.

◦ casted, solid iron

These candle stands are made in Iwate Pref., Japan

Please note that you do not need to push down a candle until it reaches at the bottom of the stand. When a candle stops and does not go down any further, it is the right place.

Small – w3.3 x d3.3 x h2.8cm, suitable with Kome-No-Megumi, Tohaku S or Urushi Candles
Medium – w4 x d4 x h3 cm, suitable with Tohaku M, Tohaku L or Nanao Candles

Takazawa Koma Candle Stand
Takazawa Koma Candle Stand