Brown Tea Marmelade – Oolong by OH MY SHARING

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This Oolong Marmelade impresses with its delightful note. Due to partial fermentation, the taste is somewhere between green and black tea. It invites you to explore the covered facets with attention and in calmness.

The tea marmelades unfold best on a white bread, which is rather restrained in taste. e.g. Swiss braided bread, crispbread, brioche or french baguette.
Our personal favorite is the crispbread. Combine it with (salted) butter or cream cheese, open a bottle of wine, get some fresh cheeses in your local shop and invite some friends to a cute spot.
The tea marmelade is a culinary delight on every brunch table, a mouth flatterer for passionate pick-nickers and an attentive gesture with style.

Us, this is Nadine, Kathrin and various temporary contributors, have an enthusiasm for good food and exciting taste experiences. We especially enjoy sharing these moments with others at a common table.

In various curated and experimental formats, we invite eaters to experience acts and gestures of sharing. You will be initiated into our ongoing creative processes as well as random thoughts and become part of the ongoing dialogues in a condensed moment. Re-cultivating attention and devotion, encouraging honesty, openness and authenticity, enabling intimate dialogues, entering an atmosphere of inspiration and encouragement, experiencing and discovering or even re-understanding things through sensuality, interaction and consumption - We want to create a framework, inwhich these things may unfold.

The Tea Marmelades are the first physical products launched within the collective „oh my sharing“ in April 2021 in Basel - carefully developed and designed by Nadine Möckli. They are created with the intension to share a moment of mindfulness, curiosity and inspiration with other people.

Brown Tea / Oolong Oriental Beauty
Harvest: May 2020

Origin: China / Yunann / Pu‘er / Lancang

Level: 1300 m asl
Teaplant Variety: Ruan Zhi Wu Long
Trader: LängGassTee, Familie Lange AG, Bern
Ingredients: Oolong, Bio Raw Cane Sugar,

Bio Fruit Pectin, Bio Lemon
Content: 70ml

Photograph by Nadine Möckli

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