What you plant now you will harvest later.

These words were coming to my mind when I (Fabienne) thought about the idea of collecting some trash in the dunes and making a small installation out of it. I chose one of the empty and pale trees in the Westduinpark near my home and asked a friend (thank you Sonia) to help me climbing the tree to place the trash pieces I have found. While the wind was playing with them we took some photos we thought would somehow catch the idea behind.

I was surprised how much plastic and other waste I was able to find in only one hour. It seems that we forgot that it is necessary to respect and take care after nature, animals and other people as much as we want others to care about us. Maybe the connection to ourselves got sadly more and more distracted trough modern technologies and the fast changing world with all the many possibilities we live in – but the connection between nature, animals and human beings still exists the same as hundreds of years ago and is worth to remember as well.

If we can manage to think not only in a big scale (meaning; it's not only the politics or the big companies/economy itself that should change) but also be aware that we have the chance to do so starting small within us, so that we will all find inner balance again. This will contribute to rebuild the world in harmony. These small daily intentions we can set for ourselves include choosing the materials we wear or touches our bodies, furniture we sit on, products with which we nourish our skin, food we pick to eat, being aware of our thoughts and words and finally choosing the environment and people we life in wisely. Trough questioning and remembering our truth we can choose the person we want to be in this world and what we want to contribute (with which activity we want to spend our time and put our energy in it the most) to it. As with everything in life intentional living will take time but if we practice all is coming. It's the same with seeding and harvesting. Giving and receiving. 

Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. – Robert Louis Stevenson